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Mike Orlando on Stereo Satellite

Speaking for the first time about his physical and mental state following last year’s crash, Orlando tells us, “I’m still in deep recovery. I have physical therapy all the time, lots of different things. I have a lot of back and neck problems and broken bones that have healed, but there are some things that unfortunately will never heal that I just have to deal with for the rest of my life. And that’s physical. The mental aspect of it is just … I can’t even put it in words. It’s just a daily battle to keep those demons in my head at bay. Just dealing with everything is tough to put in words, but it’s just unfortunately something I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

The guitarist says the first few months were tough; he was unable to move much due to a variety of broken bones, neck, back and head injuries. But eventually music helped him turn the corner. Orlando worked on music for what would become Stereo Satellite in recent years and was able to call upon Moyer and Cannata to join him in the project before being turned onto Rossi as a possible singer.

“I couldn’t think of music right away. But when you’re sitting there for a month and just losing my mind in my house, because I’m a very active person as far as music — I’m always writing or playing, so I think it saved me,” says Orlando. “I’ve gotta be honest. It saved my mental as well as my physical and made me want to get up and walk to the studio be it down the hall from my bed. That was a challenge at one point. To sit there in the studio and press play and listen to music.”

Orlando also credits the addition of Rossi to the lineup, giving a voice to the music he had worked on in recent years. “I’ve gotta be honest. When Lukas got involved in this, he just saved me in a way,” says Orlando. “I just heard that voice and the connection to the music that I’ve been working on for years and it was like, ‘Wow, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this darkest period of my life.’ It couldn’t get any worse than that. I felt sheer black darkness. So yeah, it really did feel like the songs started to shine again. I get emotional just talking about it right now.”

Asked about Adrenaline Mob’s current status, the guitarist said, “Right now for me, it’s just 1000 percent Stereo Satellite. There’s so much pain, just too much. You’ve gotta remember man, Adrenaline Mob, this wasn’t the first incident. We’ve had so much heartache and pain from the accident on the Avenged Sevenfold tour to AJ Pero passing on the bus, and he was my best friend of 20 years to this. You never thought it could get worse and it did, like 100 times worse. So on this last year of losing Dave and Janet and the whole accident, it’s hard for me to even look back. I just can’t right now and I don’t know if I ever could.”

While details for the new Stereo Satellite album are still coming together, Orlando did tell us that he directly addresses last year’s crash in a new song. “I have a hard time listening to [it] because I wrote it about the accident. I couldn’t write the words so I had to tell Lukas in a series of conversations and he would write down what I would say and he would put it in the song. It’s a song called ‘Where Do I Begin,’ which just sums up … what do you say? The title tells you what the song is about, and I have a hard time listening to it,” says Orlando

Bravo to Mike and Stereo Satellite for completing an OUTSTANDING Axe's and Anchors cruise and the first show with Stereo Satellite!

Tour scheduling taking place now, as a fan of Mike, I am beyond excited to see him and say "hello dear friend, it's Damn good to see you again"

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By; Les Thomas

The Fillmore-Charlotte

There are 2 phases to Charlotte's Fillmore. The rustic big room know as The Fillmore. The next, best hidden gem is by far, The Underground.

Remodeled and revamped, The Underground is a beautifully redone. Padded booths and seating in the VIP area. Along with it's exclusive bar.

The rest of the facility is comfortable and not a bad spot in the place to see and hear!

If you are looking for a great night click on The Fillmore concert venue butten on my page. Nearly every night there is something for everyone.

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Les Thomas

Axes and Anchors Cruise 2018

The cruise is under way already for this year,  but I am bringing the site to you so you can look it over and make your plans NOW for the 2019 Cruise. They have payment plans to make it easy for the struggling axe player to join and learn how to shred from your favorites and greats in the industry will be holding "classes" along with INCREDIBLE SHOWS every day and night of the Cruise! Can you imagine, getting on an elevator with Zakk Wilde or Mike Orlando? Sitting in one if the ships bars or casino tables with guitar GODS such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Alex Skolnick or Rudy Sarzo?? 40+ Bands, 30 different workshops with your guitar heros. One ship, Nassau, Bahamas and the beaches of Key West!!

The UBER JAM- The Randy Rhoads Remembered jam!!!

Too late for THIS year, but get your plans in order, mark your calander and be ready to Rock your Skulls senseless and love EVERY second of it!!

"Visit axesandanchors.com to get your plans in order for the 2019 version...it could even surpass THIS years lineup....if that is even possible!

Go Loud or Go Home

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Cranberries Lead Singer passes away

The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan has died in London at the age of 46, her publicist has confirmed.

A statement from her publicist said: “Irish and international singer Dolores O’Riordan has died suddenly in London today. She was 46 years old.

“The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time.

“Family members are devastated to hear the breaking news and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.”

The Cranberries sold more than 40m records over their career. Their most popular hits included Zombie and Linger.

More details soon...

Jason Newstead-Playing bass similar to paintinf

Former METALLICA band member - Bassist Jason Newsted's "Rawk - The Art of Jason Newsted" was recently interviewed about his art exhibition, which is underway at the Cultural Council in Lake Worth, Florida.

The exhibition was co-curated by Nick Korniloff, executive vice president, founder and director of Art Miami and Palm Beach ModernContemporary art fair, and Nichole Hickey, manager of artist services at the Cultural Council.

Jason began painting in 2005, after a series of shoulder injuries and subsequent surgeries left him unable to play his instrument. The work began as a hobby, and it wasn't until a year later that he considered showcasing the results.

Asked what rocks more, art or metal, Newsted said: "Right now, as I'm starting this, it's pretty new and the crowds haven't been as big yet. [Laughs] It's gonna be tough to get 80,000 people in this gallery.

"The energy and the exchange in live music, especially when it's music that you sink your teeth into and people are really into it… The deal is the crowd is the show and the band is the entertainment," he continued. "So at heavy shows, the crowd is nuts — the exchange of energy.

"I'm on my own here; I'm not on a team or in a band, so I'm in a solo project trying to push out that energy. But I can't do a direct exchange with the people like I did when I was playing the music; they have to come up and look at the picture and then get my energy. So that's quite a bit different. So for right now, metal's louder, but the art is very intriguing for me."

Some of Newsted's paintings now go for tens of thousands of dollars. "Most of my work is abstract, mixed-media," he said in a 2013 interview. "Giant pictures about five by ten feet; plastic and acrylic. I also do some sculpture. I have eight or nine hundred pieces since 2004 and have studios in three different cities across the country. Some of my pieces go for maybe $150 for a little picture and some are $40,000 for a giant one. So there's something for everyone." Newsted said he was very influenced by BasquiatJean Dubuffet and Picasso.

"Those guys are my BLACK SABBATHMOTÖRHEAD and RUSH of painting," he said.

Go Loud or Go Home

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