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So –


As you can see..we have flipped and flopped some things.
What you NEED to know right off the bat is the NEW VENUE we have partnered with.
The FirmamentGVL thats the new link front and center.  I will be reviewing MANY new bands and writing fresh new articles.

Greenville finally has a medium sized venue to draw Headliners without having to rent out the Enormous "well" downtown.

It's a beautiful space with bookings nearly every night! So keep your eyes peeled here for news, reviews and updates on All things Rock

That's more for Les

"Go Loud or Go Home"


Deciples of Babylon

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Go Loud or Go Home


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Site update & More

Hello fellow RockPilers,

Just a quick note to let you know we will be getting a facelift soon.

New Venues

New Band focal points

And, as you MAY have noticed, we are writing a new article every day.

You can ALWAYS follow along on Facebook or follow our Facebook read right here on this page!

The Stereo Satellite photo will be coming down, since my dear friend Mike Orlando left the band. It will be replaced by Mike's new project "A Beautiful Disaster" or Final touches on his Solo project "Sonic Stomp III"


There will be other changes, adding a new local venue to Greenville,SC- The Firmament. A medium size venue that will draw more acts to town. So far, along with local artist, Franz Ferdinand and July 1st Pop Evil will be here.  Yes, I plan to cover that show and you will get REAL TIME updates while there!

Go Loud or Go Home!

That's More for Les

Les Thomas


I was writing about Janet O'Reirdon of the Cranberries. How Badwolf was redoing the song Zombie. Janet was to lay down her tracks for the song.

I cannot recall this happening before. Where there was a band member that passed away a day or days before laying down tracks for an album.

For the record, I think Badwolf did a fantastic job honoring her with their rendition. What do you think?

Remember, Go Loud or Go Home

That's More for Les



Stereo Satellite and Breaking Info

Great to see the Begining and the End with friends - Stereo Satellite


Shortly after this concert Mike Orlando tweeted he had left Stereo Satellite. Reasons listed were to get back in his studio to work on Sonic Stomp-III material and pursue a project he had shelved years ago "A Beautiful Disaster".

So, my fellow Mike Orlando fanatics, keep your ears and eyes open, snippets seem to pop up on occasion.